Rules and Conduct

Set forth upon this thread shall be the rules of the Order of Vagrant Hounds; of which all members shall be expected to recognize and observed. Should any of these rules be broken by a member of the order, then immediate action shall be taken -which can include explusion for the offending member/s depending upon the severity of the infringement.

“One need not to be cruel in order to be considered formidable.”

Respect shall be observed by all members for all members. ANY OFFENSIVE, DISRESPECTFUL, AND/OR MALEVOLENT INSULTS SHALL NOT BE TOLERATED! Immediate actions shall be taken against the member. Mature Audience Only: No minors shall be allowed to join the Order.
As this is a group centered around roleplaying it must be stated there should be an expectation that certain RP sessions shall explore and engage certain “dark” and “mature” topics. Yet, in order to be respectful of all members, it is requested to refrain from delving deeply into certain topics, which are considered “risque,” “taboo,” and in some cases “illegal.”

“Be honest in your dealings with others.”

As a member of the Order your words and actions regardless of rank reflects upon the Order and this in turn affects how others percieve the Order.


-Do not spam.

-Do not stir a flame war.

-Do not slander the name of the Order.

-Do not complain or grieve about the Order in public.

-Do not harass Order members with panhandling for assistance in gold, materials, items, etc.

-Do not troll.

“There is only one judge of honor and character, that is yourself.”

As a guild created with the sole purpose of participating within and promoting roleplaying, these rules must be observed:

-Do not turn away those interested in roleplaying.

-Do not reflect OOC-ly issues occuring within IC.

-Do not lore break.

-Do not godmod.

-Do not create a character for the sole purpose of being offensive.

-Do not usurp the roleplaying from other participants in order to make yourself the center of attention.

-Distinguish yourself as being In Character (IC) and Out of Character (OOC). This shall be further defined by the usage of the following chat channels which should be considered IC channels: •General Chat.
•Guild Chat Channel 1.

-Private Channels should only be used when hosting an roleplaying story session. At all other times members should be on the General Chat channel.

-Do not take control of another member’s character (without their prior consent).

-In regards to DICE: DICE Rules Respect the Narrator, respect the other players.
Abide by the rule of the Narrator and the the dice roll.

-All members shall keep to the Onus of Oghma and write journals regarding their roleplaying experiences (from the point of veiw of their character). These need not be lengthy dissertations but entries of short lengths.

(Updated as of 03rd of Rain’s Hand)

Rules and Conduct

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