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Order of Vagrant Hounds


“Alas ye hour of wolves tis upon us!” Cried ye mighty lords of the Imperium at ye Emperor’s death. Yet, unheard by mighty lords bade ye flock of Tamriel, ye commonwealth, “where art ye hounds which shall keep ye wolves at bay?” -From “Fractures of an Empire,” Aquirian Laticus.


Of the Order
Order of Vagrant Hounds is an Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) Roleplaying (RP) group housed within the PS4 North American Server.

Order of Vagrant Hounds is meant to be a haven for the roleplayer, the storyteller, and the lore enthusiast whom wish to immerse themself further into the beauty of the world of Tamriel with other like minded companions. Thus our priority is to create a welcoming community within ESO for those individuals. Although the guild is alinged to the Daggerfall Covenant alliance, this should not be a deterrent to any whom wish to enter, as all peoples (regardless of alliance) are welcome to join.

All individuals, from the bewildered curious to those the learned thespian, is allowed to join. This is an oppurtunity to be a part of something far more immersive and engaging within Elder Scrolls Online! Yet, take heed, that with our open door invitation, our members and guests are expected to be mature and respectful. Our guild shall not grant permission for any conduct which can be deemed disrespectful and/or harmful to it’s members or acting arbitrarily against the original design of this guild of promoting a fun enviorment for the players.

Rules and Conduct

Order of Vagrant Hounds

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