Tamrielic Calendar

Tamrielic Calendar


The Calendar:

The Tamrielic calendar is composed of twelve distinct months (sometimes called “Seasons”), each month has an associated constellation,
which is said to affect the traits of anyone born in that month, and each month corresponds
roughly to an equal period of time in the Gregorian calendar.
The months are measured as follows:

Month / Birthsign / Gregorian Days

Morning Star / The Ritual / January31
Sun’s Dawn / The Lover / February30
First Seed / The Lord / March 31
Rain’s Hand / The Mage / April 30
Second Seed / The Shadow / May 31
Midyear / The Steed / June 30
Sun’s Height / The Apprentice / July 31
Last Seed / The Warrior / August 31
Hearthfire / The Lady / September 30
Frostfall / The Tower / October31
Sun’s Dusk / The Atronach / November30
Evening Star / The Thief / December 31

Hearthfire is occasionally referred to as Heartfire, the name given to
said month in TES:Arena. In Skyrim, “Heart Fire” is used exclusively on
the game calendar, although it appears as “Hearth Fire” (as one or two words)
in some books.

Days of the Week

Tamrielic – Gregorian

Sundas – Sunday
Morndas – Monday
Tirdas – Tuesday
Middas – Wednesday
Turdas – Thursday
Fredas – Friday
Loredas – Saturday

Current History
2E = 2nd Era
582 = Current Year

Tamrielic Calendar

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