History of Heaven's Call

Timeline History of Irr’Neamh /
Heaven’s Call

1E: 243: Alessian Empire begins.

1E: 286: Routing the final strongholds of the Ayelids, within the mountainous regions of the Jerall, the
Imperial legions encounter the reluctant armies of King Imulandis whose seat of power resides within
fortification known as Irr’Neamh.

1E:287: After a violent and exhaustive campaign Imperial forces manage to break the mer of Irr’Neamh
and with that claim ownership of Irr’Neamh. King Imulandis disheartened by the loss of his kingdom, in
grief, flung himself from the highest point of the mountain upon which Irr’Neamh is situated. After his death the mountain took the ominous name of “King’s Fall.”

1E: 2704: Captain Tirian, captain of the seafaring vessel known as the Strumgull, was, at the behest of
the recently appointed Emperor Reman, gifted, due to his services within the struggles of formulating a new Empire, the now long abandoned and forgotten fortification of Irr’Neamh and the realms bordering
it. The Emperor also bestowed upon him the title of ‘Heir to Heaven.’
“House of Tirian; Lord of Heaven’s Call, “Heir to Heaven,” is documented within the Imperial Records.

1E: 2708: The settlement of Drifa is created at the base of the mountain Culhourin. The settlers are a
varied population, consisting primarily of Imperials and Nords, who were promised fortunes to assist in
the taming and cultivating of the lands surrounding Heaven’s Call.
1E:2920: Emperor Reman the Third is murdered.

2E: 283: Jaryll Tirian, lord of Heaven’s Call, declares hostilities against the Empire. He is, as many other Heads of Houses are, openly opposed to the Empire which recently declared martial law across the realms of Tamriel and with that the surrender of any standing military. These actions lead to a bloody
and tumultuous war, which witnesses the dissolution of many of the various houses within Tamriel.
Jaryll Tirian was captured and executed early within the conflict.

2E:552: On a bitter winter’s day of 12th of Morning Star, Naus Tirian is born within the quaint village of
Drifa. In his youth, the grim histories of his lineage are revealed to Naus, whom thereafter is compelled
to correct the wrongdoings slighted against his family; an endeavor which shall consume him throughout his life.

2E:582: A ‘call-to-arms’ is distributed throughout the various low-brow establishments within Tamriel. It
is an announcement stating rewards of fortunes, lands and titles for any miserable lot willing to sacrifice
themselves in the struggle to reclaim Heaven’s Call. The call-to-arms is signed by Naus Tirian,“Heir to Heaven.”

History of Heaven's Call

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